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A full example how the report will look like can be found here: example_report.pdf

1) Select Files

Add all your trade history exports from all of your exchanges here. These are typically .csv files. It is important to add all, else the calculation, especially using FIFO will not be correct. You can select multiple at once using [shift] or [ctrl] or add one after another.

2) Assign Exchanges

After adding your files, they will appear in the table below. Select for each file the corresponding exchange. If your exchange does not appear in the list, see Exchange Support if you want your exchange to be added.

File Exchange

3) Result

Chose your fiat currency and the duration, when a sell is considderd long in your country. E.g. for Germany, select 365 days. Finally click "Generate Report". Depending on the number trades, this can take a moment. 3-5 seconds for under 1,000 trades. 60-90 seconds for 100,000 trades.

Fiat currency (3 letters code, e.g. USD, EUR, etc.):

Days long:

FIFO (LIFO in developement)

[Your report will appear here]

Calculation Explained

The calculation works like this: