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Exchange Support

If you want your exchange (e.g. coinbase, kraken, etc...) to be added to the supported exchange export file formats, you can upload it here, please also specify the exchange name.

File Exchange
Add a file

Alternatively you can also write and e-mail to, with your attached export file and the exchange name in the subject or mail content (and probably also website, if its a smaller exhchange).

Feature Request

If you have a fancy idea for a nice feature, do not hesitate to tell me ;-)

Bug Report

If you found a bug, write an e-mail aswell, exactly describing the bug. Ideally send me your used exchange export files, so i can reproduce the bug.

If you do not want to use your main e-mail adress when attaching your exchange report, just use something like (no signup required). Though keep in mind I cannot answere you as soon I have fixed the bug. So probably best create a new mail address for this purpose.

Anything Else

For anything else, please use the same e-mail address with an appropriate subject.