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A full example how the report will look like can be found here: example_report.pdf

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Why this website was made:

After years of steady DCAing (buying small pieces every week e.g.), I suddenly thought I might try trading the swings (yea such a dumb idea). Additionally I somehow panic sold a portion of my stack at the in January 2021 (ye, dumb again lol).

If losing a portion of my stack was not enough, I realized the tax calculation is super complex, wtf! Yes, tools like or exist. But they cost up to hundreds of dollars if you exceed a certain transaction limit. Thanks to DCAing I was faaaar above this limit for every tool.

So I thought I'd just write the tool for calculation myself. When I was done I realized that there might be a lot of people like me out there and decided to offer my tool for every one to use.

If my website saved you some time, nerves and money, please consider a small donation to help me keep the website online and to furhter improve it. No matter how small the amount or what coin, every bit is much appreciated ♥.